This photogallery presents some of CCEO Dental Clinic´s dental before-after cases:

The patient that has a very wide smile and wants to improve both colour and appearance of teeth and smile.  A total of sixteeen Componeer@ Composite veneers are placed, eight  each in both upper and lower arches, in two sessions of two hours per arch.

First the patient had an intensive gum treatment (root scaling and planning) in his hygienic phase. In the aesthetic and cosmetic phase of the treatment, the diastema was closed and both tooth form and colour were modified with Composite veneers (in only a one and a half hour session).

The patient needed a hygienic phase, and internal tooth bleeching.  Once the desired color was achieved, six (6) Composite Componeer@ veneers were placed.

The patient had six (6) Composite Componeer@ veneers placed.  Minimally invasive, in just one two  hour session.

The first phase of treatment began with an intensive gum root scaling and planning in the hygienic phase. Once the gums were healthy, a splinting of the loose teeth as well tooth form and colour were modified with Composite veneers.

The patient had fixed aesthetic saphire brackets.  Treatment lasted 24 months.  Once finished, the patient had a global tooth whitening treatment as well.

Renew your smile and gain confidence, it´s never too late.

The patient comes to our clinic with multiple absent teeth.  Among her options, she chose to have a removable prosthesis made.  She has regained her smile and her self esteem.

Have you noticed some people have a dark line around their teeth?  Have a younger smile, with all-porcelain zirconia crowns, don’t have a problem of future dark lines as they all made of white porcelain in a biocompatible material, that perfectly imitates your natural tooth enamel.

Upper and lower 100% zirconia total fixed prosthesis.

As the years pass, teeth wear out. This patient comes due to the loss of the hard dental tissue an overload on the teeth, produced by bruxism, among other causes.  You can see the dentin becomes exposed to further abrasion when brushing the teeth, as well as to caries. This patient had a Composite filling reconstruction, giving him back natural and functional teeth.  No anaesthetics were used..