Dentures are appliances worn on the gums to replace missing natural teeth. They are normally removable and are usually made of natural looking resin teeth attached to either an acrylic or chrome base.

Dentures improve your chewing ability and speech, and also provide support for the facial muscles, which fill the face, improving the patient´s self-esteem and confidence.

Complete dentures replace either or both the upper or lower teeth.

Partial dentures replace one or a few teeth. Your dentist will help you choose the type of prosthesis that is best for you.

Using your dentures:

While dentures take some time to get used to, and will never feel exactly like your natural teeth, today’s dentures are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

To clean your dentures:

As with natural teeth, keeping your mouth clean is very important. Dentures should be washed with dishwashing soap (Fairy or similar) and a soft brush. You can also periodically use special denture cleaning tablets to remove stains and bacteria.

Denture adhesive:

Regardless of how well your dentures have been made, they will not provide the same strong biting surface the way natural teeth can. An adhesive can help prevent food debris getting caught between the dentures and the gums.

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