Lumineers 2 vareers. Dental Clinic CCEO Alicante. Photo: DenMat

Lumineer veneers to show off a perfect smile

Now you don’t have an excuse not to confidently show off a perfect smile. Lumineer ® veneers are going to change your life. They’ll give a reason to brag, no matter if you are a women or a man. No need for needles and anaesthetics, no pain, no carving or grinding of your teeth, and in just two sessions.

Alicante has Dr. Javier E. D’Aguiar , the best specialist in this matter, and with his multidisciplinary team offer you their extensive professional experience at CCEO dental clinic, located on Avenida Deportista Miriam Blasco, número 14, local 2,  Playa de San Juan, 03540 Alicante.

CCEO Dental Clinic in Alicante  is officially accredited to implement the Lumineer ® veneers and gives you a certified five-year warranty certificate.

CCEO Dental Clinic  is not a franchise or an insurance company.  We are guided by the principles of a close and careful treatment of our patients, constantly investing and training in new technological renovations.

Our philosophy is our patients´ satisfaction and if you need a second opinion about a diagnosis or treatment do not hesitate to contact us. You can do it by phone +34 966 378 273 mobile +34 601 221 603, as well as by email

Lumineers 2 vareers. Dental Clinic CCEO Alicante. Photo: DenMat

Lumineer veneers are like contact lenses

Lumineer ® veneers are ultra-thin porcelain veneers that adhere to the teeth just like contact lenses. Through an advanced technique Lumineers can be placed in just two visits to the dental clinic without having to touch any sensitive teeth structure.

Forget your fears and contact with CCEO dental clinic and stop suffering from those crowded, chipped or stained teeth. It is undoubtedly the best way to whiten your teeth because Lumineers ® veneers are made of Cerinate extraordinarily strong patented porcelain, which can maintain the shine and integrity of your teeth for more than 20 years.

A Lumineer ® veneer smile is spectacular.  Just ask for Lumineers by their name at the CCEO dental clinic in Playa de San Juan, Alicante Spain, and have one of the best experiences of your life.

If you have been planning for a long time to either correct uneven teeth, revitalize old crowns or bridges, or fix chipped teeth Lumineer ® veneers are the solution.

Lumineers  are placed without shots, carving or grinding down your teeth.

Lumineer ® veneers preserve the tooth´s structure with little to no tooth reduction. Therefore, they are completely reversible. They do not require anaesthetics or the uncomfortable placement of temporary structures.

Now worth smiling!” Said a young woman who acknowledges having always been ashamed of her smile. In less than a week the Lumineers ® veneers allowed her to wear a white smile makeover.

Custom designed and smile with confidence

Lumineers ® veneers are the ideal solution for:

• Whitening stained teeth
• Shaping misaligned or crowded teeth
• Correcting uneven teeth
• Lengthening small teeth
• Closing spaces
• Revitalizing crowns and ancient bridges
• Correcting chipped teeth

No need for needles and anaesthetics

Thanks to the technology that Lumineer ® veneers has developed, a growing number of dental problems can be corrected. Lumineer ® veneers are ideal for all types of patient´s choices, including preteens, teenagers, adults and anyone that fear invasive procedures because not even anaesthesia is required.

The result of placing Lumineer ® veneers gives you a perfectly white and attractive denture. There are many testimonials that attest:

• “I would recommend Lumineer ® veneers to anyone who wants to improve their smile. There is no pain or discomfort and the procedure is quick and simple“, says a 16-year-old who found in these veneers the solution to a problem of stained teeth.

• “My previous composites continued changing colour and cracking, and I was disappointed, but never had opted for veneers that would involve anaesthetics, or grinding my teethI love my new smile.” Says one middle-aged woman who found Lumineer ® veneers the final solution for whitening her teeth.

• “I was scared but it did not hurt at all“, says a nine year old girl with chipped central teeth chipped that changed the shape of her smile. The Lumineer ® veneers hid the cracks and breaks and rapidly increased the child´s self-esteem.

• “The visit was really short and very comfortable, absolutely amazing. Now I look as pretty as I am“, says a young woman with confidence exhibiting her perfect white teeth.

Stained or discoloured teeth can be a source of embarrassment for many people. Neither tooth whitening, nor continuous visits to the dentist, or regular teeth brushings can remove these stains. Whatever the cause of the damage, such as the passage of time, substances that stain (coffee or red wine), the Lumineer ® veneers, which are like small cases, eliminate all traces, spots or discolorations.

Before - after. Lumineers 2 vareers. Dental Clinic CCEO Alicante. Photo: DenMat

Before – After

“With Lumineers my smile is perfect and it was painless.”

More people offer their testimony after placing the Lumineer ® veneers:

• “My teeth were sensitive and I hated whitening them again and again. They are now permanently white.

• “I used to work in a dental clinic that offered me free traditional veneers. I never accepted the offer due to the pain and the sensitivity experienced by their patients. I am glad to have waited for Lumineer ® veneers.

•”Wow! NO PAIN and now my smile is amazing. No more need to grow a beard to hide my smile!

Lumineers 2 vareers. Dental Clinic CCEO Alicante. Before - After

Before – After

Crowded teeth are one of the most common problems. Orthodontics is not the only solution available now because of Lumineer ® veneers, which are also an option to solve worn darkened teeth and allows the revitalization of crowns and damaged bridges.

The spaces between teeth (diastema), very small teeth or uneven shapes can be ideal candidates for instant orthodontics with Lumineer ® veneers.

• “My old worn crown smile was revitalized without pain with Lumineer ® veneers“, says a woman who was self-conscious about the appearance of her crowns.

• “I was embarrassed to smile, now I smile all the time“, says a young man proudly showing off his teeth.

• “After seeing what Lumineer veneers had done for my patients I knew it was something I needed for myself”, says a dentist who decided to apply his own remedies on himself.

Dr. Javier E. D'Aduiar. Dental Clinic CCEO Alicante

Answers to questions you may have

– What are Lumineer ® veneers?
– Lumineer ® veneers are very thin porcelain veneers that adhere to the teeth creating spectacular smiles.  Our dental clinic has both Lumineer 2® and Lumineer G3® (newer generation) veneers, depending on the particular needs of each patient.

– Do Lumineers ® veneers produce any discomfort?
– No, because the Lumineer ® veneers require almost no preparation and need no grinding or destruction of the tooth structure.

– How long does it take to have a beautiful white smile?
– Although some people will need other dental treatments, Lumineer ® veneers require only two visits to the dentist.

– How do I know if Lumineer ® veneers are right for me?
– We can show you how you can improve your smile with Lumineer ® veneers. Make an appointment today at our dental clinic CCEO (telephone +34 966 378 273 mobile +34 601 221 603 or email and talk to Dr. Javier E. D’Aguiar, to clarify all your doubts.

– Is there an age limit for using Lumineer ® veneers?
You can get a dazzling smile with Lumineer ® veneers at any age.

-How long they can last veneers?
– Long-term clinical studies on Lumineer ® veneers show that there is 100% retention and no discoloration at least for 20 years.

– What can I do if I have more questions?
– If you have more questions about Lumineer ® veneers come to our dental clinic CCEO in Playa de San Juan, Avenida Deportista Miriam Blasco , 14, local 2, 03540 Alicante, Spain.

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