Pediatric dentistry

oodontología infantil

This specialty deals with dental care for both children and adolescents. Preventive treatments during the early years of life, greatly impact and contribute on your child’s dental health in the future.   Teaching oral care and dental habits contributes to having healthy teeth and gums.

Taking into consideration the psychological aspects of a child, we adapt our treatments to teach them correct dental habits, as well as providing for them comprehensive treatments.  Our specialists have developed programs and activities to detect and prevent early tooth and gum disease, among other pathologies.

From this early and warm relationship, we will influence a fear free future relationship with the dental profession throughout his life.

During treatment our clinic shows educational and fun children’s video to make the child´s visit as pleasant as possible.

If all goes well, we recommend yearly maintenance visits.

Recommendations to prevent tooth decay in baby teeth

  • Even before the first tooth appears, cleanse out your baby’s gums after each feeding. To do this, you can use a moistened gauze or a soft clean cloth.
  • When teething starts, use a toothbrush. At the beginning don´t use any toothpaste at least until your child is 2 years old.  From age 2, place small amounts of children´s toothpaste .on the brush.  There are special toothpastes for children with low fluoride content and special flavors.
  • And remember to prevent tooth decay; don’t leave the baby with a bib in his mouth for long periods of time. Prolonged contact with the milk sugars predispose the outcome of caries.

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