Tooth extractions


Our goal is to save teeth and prevent future infections. However, in certain cases where a tooth may be too loose or too damaged to be saved, an extraction may be necessary

Reasons you may need tooth extraction:

  1. The caries has advanced too far into the tooth.
  2. The infection has destroyed a great part of the bone the surrounds the tooth.
  3. There isn´t enough space in the mouth to fit all the teeth.
  4. To make space for teeth related to orthodontic treatments.

At Home Post-Extraction Recommendations:

 It is important that you follow the doctor´s post-extraction guidance and aftercare instructions given to you to promote a healthy recovery. 


Rest for several hours after treatment and avoid strenuous exercise. No rinsing for at least 24 hours.


For several days after treatment, gently rinse your mouth after meals and before bedtime, using either an over the counter mouthwash, or a solution made by dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water.  Keep the solution in the mouth for several minutes, discard and repeat two or three times.


Avoid hot drinks, alcohol and hard or chewy foods. Choose cold drinks and soft or chopped foods. Avoid direct contact with the open wound.


Should a slight bleeding occur, sit upright with your head and shoulders straight. Apply direct pressure on the area with sterile gauze, firmly securing it by biting on it for 15 minutes.  Repeat if necessary.

 If bleeding persists, contact us. .


You can take the pain killer of your choice (except aspirin), every 8 hours while the pain persists

 It is advisable to avoid smoking for 24 to 48 hours after treatment.

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